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Electronic Components and Parts for Audiophiles, Ham radio operators, experimenters and university physics departments.  I realize that this website isn't elegant, you don't have to tell me. PayPal Only, Keeps the book keeping simple. If you need an invoice first, let me know.

Him Majesty's Noise Printed Circuit Board (10.000*8.375 inches) (LINK)

Temporarily Out of Stock

HMN PCB Plus ALL Capacitors, LEDs, Neon Bulbs and Depletion MOSFETs(See  List Below)
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Note:  As with all high voltage equipment there is a risk of serious injury or death from the improper assembly, use or testing of the Impasse Preamplifier.  These boards and circuits are sold with a disclaimer and are sealed.  If you do not adhere to the terms of sale, don't order the boards.  If you break the seal on the package you agree to the terms of sale and agree to hold Tech-DIY LLC and any associated person or entity harmless for any damages.
"His Majesty's Noise"   Bill of Materials supplied by Tech-DIY LLC