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Electronic Components and Parts for Audiophiles, Ham radio operators, experimenters and university physics departments.  I realize that this website isn't elegant, you don't have to tell me.  PayPal Only, Keeps the book keeping simple. If you need an invoice first, let me know.


Small Signal BiPolar and JFETs
2N5401 Matched Pair
2N5551 Matched Pair
MPS8599 Matched Pair
MPS8099 Matched Pair
MPSA06 Matched Pair
MPSA56 Matched Pair
Driver Transistors:
2SB649AC + 2SD669AC Hitachi Originals -- Pair
2SB649AC + 2SD669AC PMC -- Pair
Pair BF862 High Idss, High Transconductance Low Noise N-Channel SMT
2SK170GR + 2SJ74GR Matched Pair (a pair is one p- and one n-channel device with Idss +/- 0.1mA)
Out of Stock
2SK216+ 2SJ78 MOSFET - for Borbely Amplifiers - very limited
Depletion MOSFETS are linked here